My teaching activities

I used to teach a subset of the following classes at TELECOM Nancy, depending on the year:

Mobile applications and Internet of Things

In this class, I teach the main concepts on Android development and on the architectures and protocols for the Internet of Things. The material I use is available here.

Constraint development on small Connected Objects

This class is about programming and interconnectiong small objects. We see the basics of C++ development, event-based operating systems (Contiki OS) and the main communication protocols for IoT. The related documents are available here.

Bootcamp on Network Services

In this class, I teach the basics of network administration under GNU-Linux: network configuration, sysadmin tools, server configuration (ssh, dns, web, mail). Documents to guide the practical sessions are available here.

Computer Networks

I teach in this class the basics of computer networks: network architectures, OSI model, TCP/IP model and the mechanisms behind each protocol (congestion control, routing algorithms, etc.). We also see the main application protcols (DNS, HTTP, SMTP, etc.) and some network programming with C sockets. The material I use is made by Isabelle Chrisment and available here.

C / Shell

I teach this class on the C programming language and some basic (yet powerful) tools of the GNU/Linux environment. I use the following material, a courtesy of Martin Quinson.

Techniques and Tools for Programming

I teach this class on the writing of proper, reliable and efficient algorithms with the following material, another courtesy of Martin Quinson.

Object-Oriented Programming

This is a classical class about OO programming and the JAVA programming language. GĂ©rald Oster is the main teacher and provides all the teaching resources.


An essential class about the basics of databases: design, entity-relationship model, relational algebra, relational model, relational calculus, database normalization, SQL and PL/SQL. Adrien Coulet is the main teacher for this class.

Project Management

This is an overall module about project management. I teach why and how to use SCM software, in particular Git. The related documents are available here.

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